Cold-Fix Dealer Program

Interested in Carrying Cold-Fix in your stores?

Cold-Fix offers innovative linear insulation for water and sewer lines that is both profitable for retailers and cost effective for consumers. Its simple installation and proven application outperforms any competing products in the market. Cold-Fix is a sure winner for easy sales.

Why Cold-Fix?

Established distribution network

With manufacturing facilities in Breton, Alberta and Billings, Montana, our Insulation Snakes distribution network has an established history of meeting customer demand and efficiently shipping products throughout North America since the early 1990s.

Engaging In-Store Marketing

We provide a display to help optimize your use of retail shelf space and assist in self-sale of our products. With our point-of-purchase display, both your employees and potential customers will readily grasp the applications for the Cold-Fix product line, appreciate the simplicity of installation and understand the available product sizes and specifications.

Flexible pricing and ordering structure

With 20 years industrial manufacturing experience, we understand the needs of wholesalers. Our established order desk can easily accommodate custom orders and split shipping with ease. Our wholesale pricing is designed to build profits into the price, so we can support our dealers with an affordable, high-end product with virtually no competition within the insulation market.

Shipping & Storage

Order Fulfillment

8-12 weeks in Fall and Winter
4-6 weeks in Spring and Summer


Cold-Fix can be ordered per bag (2-10 /bag), per pallet (12-20 bags/pallet) or per trailer (22 pallets/trailer). Shipping can be FOB a central distribution centre or tagged and split shipped directly to stores. Point of sale displays can be delivered to your specifications – per store, or distribution centre and modified to your specific hardware as needed.

How To Order

Please call the Order Desk

Phone: (780) 696-3412
Monday to Friday from 8am – 5pm

General Inquries:

Cold-Fix USA
6840 Trade Center Ave
Billings, Mt.  59100

Cold-Fix Canada
PO Box 37
Breton, Alberta
Canada T0C 0P0

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