Lineal Pipe Insulation

Available Sizes:

  • 12"x2'
  • 12"x3'
  • 12"x5'
  • 12"x10'
  • 18"x2'
  • 18"x3'
  • 18"x5'
  • 18"x10'

Initially designed for a low clearance application, Cold Fix is used to cover the length of the pipe. Cold Fix has straps permanently attached down the length of the product. These are fixed for ease of installation, to fasten the insulation to the pipe. When used instead of the spiral wrap product, there is a cost savings in the installation and removal when required. It also has a better finished look. Works with heat tracing. Temperature is good to 202®F, or 96®C.

Installation instructions. Lay the Cold Fix down the length of the pipe, fold it around the pipe and attach using the straps and buckles. Do not overtighten the straps, as the tighter they are installed, the less insulation value you have. Refer to our video for further information.